That thought I can’t follow to it’s end breaks like water

with the force of the sea

onto cold rocks and drifts away leaving me in the

fog and mist baptized against

any certainty.


My eyes sweep the floor as if your

words could fall and be found arranged

so when I get to the


I will scramble to put them together

tell you what you want to know

You see me do this and it’s a place

you know you can’t go.

Just know that the love has not been burned

out of me.

but, one more thing…


In this place I swear at the devil

on approach in his long black coat as

he dangles a silver garrote

moves very close

makes me promises

wants me to choke on my pride

make me painless

live or die how I want

If I would just say some words for him.

Pain. It’s the only thing.

I know not to answer, try to look away, except

he  put his arm around me when all I wanted was to be like the man I was once or thought I was or was I dreaming and dreaming of… what am I now ?

the devil gets his last words in, “one in the pipe waiting for you mother fucker see you soon!”

Fire and lightning run through me.


I will stand up again to tell you

what I’ve learned

even though I lost your words

I am certain that by

love , we don’t always know

what we’ve been saved from …


copyright 2015







No shout to come forth
Is needed today
Where the sun shines so
Complete and in the wind
” A miracle”, he says
then stepping boldy
From the garage in.
Halos of smoke
Looking strong in the
Reaches his hands towards
Heaven and swears
No pain. No pain at all.

What spirit did this?
Hiding beneath a stone
that’s just one place
It, she, he
Calls home.

I think we need to
Keep looking
Look closer, look
You see
I’m not sure he lives, at least,
Not like he once did and
There will be those who
Cry foul.

Lazarus! Your good
Fortune offends

So maybe

Choke them with their own
Ties so they scream
For a Jesus who has
Left the station to bless
The burning trails of a
Failing nation
And ask for the hatchet
of its legislation
Be buried alongside the
Soulless corporations

So we can get on with this
Beautiful day.


          Copyright 2015

In the day room it is common
to catch one talking to the wall
the one with the clock.
There is something to be said for
observing time this way.
Not with words.

I move to the window, I don’t know if
It’s March or April, but contemplate the
rain anyway in the morning, it might still
be May of another year
or later
I can’t remember
today Her name was something
I could not put up with
this evening
Her hands take careful measure
making sure I see the way she snaps
the tarot cards down,
like a glass in a drinking challenge
I think
then I get her name from the air
and she says I could love you but I won’t
tells me I’m already tethered to the natural
world by the spirit of the wolf and adds
not for the first time
my heart leaps into the wind
on black wings, so fuck you
she says to me
lastly, looking down
Visiting hours are over
so I make my way quietly
across the room under the
nurses eye
towards the pouring rain
in whatever month it falls
It falls on us all,
lovely broken creatures.

Janis bounces past doorways

Like a honey bee

Softly, sampling each sweet note

In her head, only she can hear.

Her wild hair bounces

Its half length as if trying to

Grasp at the blue plumes of

Her cigarette smoke

snaking around her head.

Her shadow dives, spins and

Slides along the half lit corridor as

Janis echoes the lie she sang

about nothing left to loose and tries

to find her key.

All the colors first slightly blend,
Janis through the door again,
gold exploding in her head
between the wall and hotel bed

radio, dark night

Copyright 2012 *Sunontiepost           Janis Joplin Official Site

In the morning
purple comes first.

The sky has reasons older
than we can imagine for this

my friends are sleeping,
dreaming something tender
I can not keep up with…

So I think of, the new mother,
holding her child to her breast with a

severe and unending love,

All the promise she was born with
emptying into little eyes

and binding.
In Heaven angels sing.

This world with its blood rising

must not forget these two faces.

*Sunontiepost  (1999)


You are
you are
The chain tying me to the pole
next to a hole
in the basement of a house not
lived in and cold

outside though
flags and parades
signs of life

Those righteous

They come to kick you
so they can continue
on in this way

though some will see you
and walk away
from the hoopla
and shred their gowns and costumes.

you are
you are a
dangerous one
to dream
of a life

not forever burning down
always galvanized
by arching lightning

You can not even venture into
the light. Hold tight to the
chain while they kick and close your eyes.

Tell yourself,
it won’t last forever.


Copy Right 2012

( With a nod to Ursula K. Le Guin‘s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

Thanks to:  my pen and me at http://mypenandme.wordpress.com/about/ for nominating me for this award!  It’s the first nomination I have received for my blog!

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Seven things you don’t know about me:

1.  When I was a teenager I was a Santa in a mall for a season and an Easter Bunny.

2.  I love my bought used Buick Lesabre more than any car I have owned.  Including a Mustang.

3.  I’ve worked on and off in radio since college in on-air and management positions and sometimes simultaneously.

4.  My favorite poets are Charles Wright, James Wright, Charles Simic and Mary Oliver.  In no particular order.

5.  If I came into a large sum of money I would buy a farm and start an animal rescue and activity center for the elderly and combine its use for pet therapy.

6.  I don’t think you have to go to church to be a good person or even a christian.

7. I have always wanted to play guitar and have never learned.  Iam going to start this year.

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