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Cold west wind
Dead blunt force of a
Bumbling windchime
clanking all hell
and out of
Harmony in my ears.
Loose thoughts of a
Bended mind about
The sunset draped like
A great cathedral mural.
Again the idea of West and
Waning time.
Moon blue fingernail
Of the cosmic finger
Squeezing the trigger
Of the gun to the head of
The universal mind  then,
big bang
end of night.
Sweet life for a ride
Well ridden. The roads.
The rail, the beckoning
Sky, her great wide turns
Brewing weather, October’s punches

raining down.
We are born
Under the bird song again.

Thankful. Thankful.



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for Rachel

I almost forget the Foxgloves but

remember them setting the red

watering can down.

Their dark green poise

cries out, wildly, against the canvas of colors

that festoon the deck I call

Rachel’s Garden.

They must be thirsty too, so I

drew more water, more blue crystals

imagining their tender roots reaching in darkness

determined to be strong as above

their long curved lips dream

and drink from the sun.

I pour the meal like rain

coming down over the center as

suddenly the cicadas wake

wind out their song together,

a fluttering ancient whine

from the trees, that also dream,

also drink

I need time to think

hoisting the red watering can in

Rachel’s Garden.

Copyright 2015*Sunontiepost

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Under the Bradford Pear

Under the shade of the Bradford Pear
the old red dog’s nose down
Insisting something has  been there
Sniffs, snorts, her eyes turning to me
Ringed now in silver and serious.

She must think I am a poor judge of this
Piece of land we’ve carved out and
Declared our own. I am the pitiful
Observer at the end of her leash
Doomed to survive her in what are
Surely her last days now adding
Up to thirteen years plus.

So I let her lead me,

  even in the rain and
The heat that decays because
 I know
Her great heart sees me, and I see her back
Her body trying to betray. She keeps
Moving, stumbles, keeps moving,
Loves with all her understanding
This broken man somehow a
Stranger to the world around him

lifting her back up gently
  from the center. Gently with

no thought of death, ignoring pain.

Not for the first time
Under the Bradford Pear
I send up some heavy prayers
Asking whomever lives up there
To make this thing called a soul
Inside me
Love without condition, like her
To let the light shine out from me
for once and forever and
See completely inside the
Temple of the dog

Live forever in the lifting of the fog.

Sunontiepost 2015

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Let the traffic go slow

down York Street.


because the birds are singing

I yell for taxi drivers to lay off

their horns.


There are some things

only those of us who have forfeited

the right to love know

about song.


Today I pretend

that I can send my

heart out onto the

wind.  See its black wings

glistening in the sunshine

calm and serene.


God get me rest, time to think, help

me get closer to the river.


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Long blue glacier

shrugging your shoulders

in the morning

having an ancient understanding

with the sunlight and the sea

At the top of the world

even your whispers go smashing

into good cold water trying

to say your name


A long wild lung strung over

the globe , like the lightning

that never stops to catch its breath,

never turns an eye toward the place where

it was born.


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for Monica

I need to sit among the forest of all uncontemptable colored leaves
And thoughtfully let my mind run clean, to breathe easy and green.

Olympus crumbles and is giving way to the streets
They paved over Far Arden; Great Gods eat shit today.

The breeze is heavy with the memory of love
Lost in the wilderness.

If Jesus were alive today, whiskey would be in his wine glass,
No breaking bread, instead, smoking cigarettes.  The world moves on.

Nothing can be put plain over the phone.  Nothing has been said
In the hours we’ve spent, the days we wait.

The head becomes heavy in the hands.  It is the way I remember you now.

It’s time to let you go.  Time to quit thinking one more try
Will hold me in your heart.
The leaves fall with no contempt for the breeze
That pushes them apart from what they knew so well.


-word invention intentional-

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The trees are black and towering

the breeze only enough

to tease the light

from emeralds pretending

to be my bones.


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